June 16, 2016

Amazing Lofts.

Amazing Lofts. I’ve always fancied the idea of living in a loft apartment in a big city somewhere. Close to the sky, far from the hustle and bustle of the streets down below. However I happen to live in a city where it gets really cold and windy in the winter so the idea of having those large windows and open space make the dream less appealing.

I also happen to be a mother and I quite like the idea of having separate rooms for the kids and their toys (that come in millions). I would also be concerned about the noise whenever there would be people visiting. Especially if there’s a football game on and my husband’s friends have come over.  Unless there are some extra rooms for me to hide the loft living really isn’t for me anymore.

But one can always live in a loft in their dreams, right?

Here’s a gallery of the most amazing lofts out there. The first one is from my city, Amsterdam.

Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-16 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-15 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-14 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-12


Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-10 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-13 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-9 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-8 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-6 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-5 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-4 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-3 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-2 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts-1 Gummibearlife-Amazing-Lofts

All photos Pinterest.

May 9, 2016

Bathroom Ideas: Boho Chic.

If you’re considering re-doing your bathroom this spring take a look at some of these inspiring bathroom ideas first. This time it’s all about boho chic. Broken colors, oriental details, claw-foot tubs, graphic tiles, bathing under the stars etc.. Forget the modern/ conventional bathroom decor. Go boho.


gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-2 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-3 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-4 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-5 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-6 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-7 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-8 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-9 gummibearlife-bathroom-ideas-10

All photos: Pinterest.

June 26, 2015

The festival season is here! And we all know what that means: tiny shorts paired with rain boots, big hats and messy hair. A boho chic paradise. To get the most out of your festival look draw some inspiration from these celebrity fashion icons.
gummibearlife-festival-season-2 gummibearlife-festival-season-3 gummibearlife-festival-season-4 gummibearlife-festival-season-5 gummibearlife-festival-season-6 gummibearlife-festival-season-7 Gummibearlife-festival-season


All photos: Getty Images.